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Pilchard Float Line Rigs 5/0

Pilchard Float Line Rig 5/0.

  • 60lb Black Magic Tough Trace Leader
  • Black Magic Swivels
  • High Carbon Steel Octopus Red Hooks 5/0
  • 150cm Total Length Approx
  • Sliding sinker with crimp (approx 8grams)
  • Re-sealable Ziplock Bag
  • Stock Rigs are 2 Rigs Per Pack


- A rig that is simple but effective and known all over the world. 

- I've used this rig over the years to target Snapper using whole Pilchards or butterflied Herring but are known to catch Pelagics on the surface to Reef species on the bottom. Can be used in so many different situations.

- Pin the bottom hook through the back of the Pilchard and the other through the nose and your away.

- The small ball sinker lets it slowly drift down through the water column. Is hidden inside the skirt on skirted variants.

- All fishing rigs are hand tied by myself in various locations around Australia.

- The ali crimp keeps the sinker close to the bait.

- Simply connect the swivel to your mainline snap, throw on your tastiest Pilchard and your away!

- Compact durable sealed bags makes them ideal to store in any tackle box.

- Made to save time and effort as a grab and go when the bite is hot! 


* Recommend washing rig in fresh water and let dry after use*



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Pilchard Float Line Rigs 5/0

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