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Since Kel's battle with breast cancer, we've wanted to be able to give something back to the people and organisations who helped us when we needed them the most.

In late 2019, Kelly was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer. Our lives changed instantly and within weeks, Kel had undergone surgery and started chemo. Throughout her treatment, we had so many unreal nurses and people who helped guide her through this epic battle, but nothing compared to the support and guidance Kel received from Michelle, a McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse.

During Kel's treatment I wanted to work out how to give back, to help those who helped us and we are forever grateful that the McGrath Foundation was there from day one!

Since being on the road, we've been able to take the time to develop ideas of ways we could help and so, Pink Ribbon Fishin' was born. We had started a Patreon account for OldMate Adventures, which was originally for family and friends who didn't know what to get us for Birthdays/Christmas, etc now that we are living full time on the road, but once Pink Ribbon Fishin' started properly coming together in mid 2022, we decided to use the funds from Patreon to go towards prizes for the raffle. This way, people who want to be able to support us, can also be involved in something bigger than just giving us money. At the moment, we only have a small group of Patreons but the money has been put to great use, purchasing parts for hand-made, pink themed fishing rods and spearguns, all custom made for Pink Ribbon Fishin', and we are so grateful to the craftsmen that have donated their time to build these amazing prizes!

* In 2024 we are running an end of year "Give-Away" Australia wide instead of the usual W.A. only Raffle. Every $5 spent of Pink Ribbon Fishin Merchandise or any Pink Lazer lures, Hezza Slaya, Skippy Slaya rigs purchased get's you 1 x entry!! Easy as that and we'll add your number of entries to our list. (you can obvioulsy purchase multiple times)

* All our Patreons get an automatic entry to the Give-Away.

* Give-Away drawn first week in December 2024, follow our socials or website newsletter for upcoming news and prizes. 

* All money raised goes to McGrath Foundation.

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Pink Ribbon Fishin
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 Approximately 57 Australians are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. 1 in 7 women are diagnosed in their lifetime and 1 in 600 men. 

Here are some links to organisations that have supported Pink Ribbon Fishin' over the years.

McGrath Foundation
TopGun Fishing Charters
KnightStix Custom Rods
Whiteys Tackle and Camping
Logix Cooler Bags
Frogleys Offshore
Nashy's Custom Lures
Krusty Boiz Fishin
AOS Swags
Wild Touring.png
Abrolhos Tackle
DiveR Fins
SnapBait Tackle
Rig Mate Logo PNG.png
Land 2 Sea
DhuBite Tackle
Adventure In Nature
2 Oceans Tackle.jpg

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