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About Us


Hey Mate, thanks for dropping in!

Hey there! We are Jed & Kelly, aka Team Jelly. We've been mates since Kel was 2 days old (cue the deliverance banjo song), hooked up during our teenage years and have been best mates ever since. Trekking around Australia and beyond has been our way of life since our early 20's. We have also lived and worked in 3 different countries during our travels. 

We decided way back in 2012 that we would work towards a goal of a semi-retired, nomadic lifestyle by our 40's. Skip a few years forward and in 2018, we bought an old 1988 Viscount Seabreeze caravan and then the plans started to form together as we stripped the old van to bare bones and started rebuilding it to be the off-road/off-grid touring pop-top that it is today.  

In late 2019 during the caravan rebuild, Kel was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everything was put on hold to focus on Kel's epic battle ahead - kicking cancers fucking arse!! All this was happening in the rise of Covid and no one knew lockdowns like cancer patients did!! After dozens of rounds of chemo, radiation and continual hormone therapy, we also lost our best mate Greta, our 10yr old Rottweiler who was an absolute legend of a dog. So, after the rollercoaster we had been on over the previous couple of years, we stopped delaying and stalling our dreams, made a date to quit our jobs and just sent it! 

Financially, we were in a position where we knew what our yearly expenses were and knew we could get away with only working 4 to 6 months a year, depending on rates of pay etc. We have always been pretty good at saving and investing and we sketched out a rough plan for the next 12-24 months which would get us in the groove of semi-retired nomadic lifestyle. We sold almost all of our possessions in August of 2021, quit our jobs at the start of September, and hit the road! 

We decided to put together this website to be a platform for us to share our journey more than just YouTube, promote Pink Ribbon Fishin' and to also have a shop front to sell items we make ourselves and gear that we know and trust.



We document our travels on YouTube and try to put up an episode most weeks. If you're keen to see what we get up to, check out our channel using the link below.

OldMate Shop


If you want to be a part of something bigger, you can support us through Patreon (link below). The money that comes through Patreon, goes towards prizes for a fundraising raffle we started in 2022 called Pink Ribbon Fishin'. See to Our Charities page for more info. 


If you want to know a bit more about us here is some links below you can find us through other Channels, Podcasts and Websites we've been involved in.

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