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Hezza Slaya / Troll or Spin rig

Hezza Slaya / Troll or Spin Rig.

  • 10g Lazer Lure (various colours availible)
  • 3cm Red Skirt (only Pink Lazer comes with Pink Skirt)
  • 12lb Platypus Platinum Mono Line
  • 6kg Black Magic Swivel (28kg Breaking Strain)
  • 1/0 Red Octopus Hooks 
  • Dropper Loop 
  • 1.5m Total Length Approx
  • Re-sealable Ziplock Bag


- A rig we have been using for years when trolling or land based casting for the mighty Herring! The 10g Lazer Lure has been my go to for a long time, I believe in supporting local business and these hand made weapons are deadly! Rigged with VMC trebles.

- Trolled at slow speeds this little rig is your ultimate go to for a Hezza session. 

- Squid skirts on the teasers will regularly get you tripple hook-ups

- All fishing rigs are hand tied by myself in various locations around Australia.

- Twisted dropper loops keeps the hook further away from the mainline than traditional dropper loops. Which increases hookups and less chance of tangles. 

- Simply connect the swivel to your mainline snap, thread your desired size sinker to the dropper loop, bait up and your away. 

- Compact durable sealed bags makes them ideal to store in any tackle box.

- Made to save time and effort as a grab and go when the bite is hot! 


* Recommend washing rig in fresh water and let dry after use*

**All Profits from the Pink Pink Hezza Slayers goes to Pink Ribbon Fishin - email if pre-order needed**


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Hezza Slaya / Troll or Spin rig

Lure Color
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