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HD 20lb Pre Made Whiting Rigs - Ready to Slay

Pre-Rigged Ready to Slay Whiting Rigs

  • 15g or 30g hand-made Pyramid Sinkers (select size)
  • 20lb Black Magic Mono Leader
  • 6kg Black Magic Swivel (28kg Breaking Strain)
  • 2/0 Red Octopus Hooks
  • Pink Silicon Tube
  • Dropper Loop 
  • 1.5m Total Length Approx
  • Re-sealable Ziplock Bag


- A Heaver Duty 20lb model from the other lighter 12lb rigs we make and using 2/0 hooks only

- Also good for light inshore fishing for Skippy, Snapper, Flathead, Herring and the likes.

- A rig that is ready to slay straight out the bag! Don't waist time finding and rigging sinkers when the bite is hot, just attached to main line, add bait and send it! Back in the action in seconds!

- Hand cast sinkers by myself on the road. Choose your sinker size depending on depth and casting distance required. Reccomend using 15g (1/2oz) when possible. If fishing deeper waters or need a casting distance then 30g (1oz) will be better.

- All fishing rigs are hand tied by myself in various locations around Australia.

- Twisted dropper loops keeps the hook further away from the mainline than traditional dropper loops. Which increases hookups and less chance of tangles. 

- Compact durable sealed bags makes them ideal to store in any tackle box.

- Made to save time and effort as a grab and go when the bite is hot! 


* Recommend washing rig in fresh water and let dry after use*


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HD 20lb Pre Made Whiting Rigs - Ready to Slay

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